Motorpack Zylinder + Auspuff Stage6 R/T 70cc Piaggio

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Tuning Kit Cylinder + Exhaust Stage6 R / T 70cc Piaggio - High-end racing tuning kit for racing motorcycles with liquid-cooled Piaggio engine (Piaggio LC)
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The kit includes the following components:
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Cylinder Stage6 70cc R / T MKI Piaggio LC
Muffler Stage6 R / T 70cc MK2 Piaggio LC < / div>
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The Stage6 70cc R / T MKI Piaggio cylinder is an aluminum cylinder (with Nikasil coated bore) with 6 transfer ports and bridge exhaust. The cylinder is equipped with a 47.6mm piston, a modular HC (high compression) cylinder head, a special exhaust flange for the S6 R / T exhaust and an adapter plate with offset studs for Piaggio engines (original replacement or OEM). / div>
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The download & egrave; hand welded in Italy from 0.8 mm thin sheet steel cones. It comes with a spring-mounted carbon muffler for a clean and not overdone racing look. Attention: the exhaust is delivered with a & quot; racing finish & quot ;, that is; not painted! It is advisable to regularly apply a grease spray to prevent the exhaust from rusting.
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In terms of performance, the Piaggio Stage6 70cc R / T maxi kit plays in the first series , the potentially achievable power & egrave; of approximately 22 HP, to obtain this power other performance-enhancing components must be installed: reinforced crankshaft with 85 mm connecting rod, Stage6 R / T oversized variator, Stage6 Torque Control clutch, Stage6 R / T 28 mm intake system, Stage6 R / T internal rotor ignition and extended shifting.
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Please note that when using this kit, the crankcase must be drilled to make room for the base of the cylinder (see installation instructions for more information).
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For Piaggio / Gilera LC engine
Bore 47.6 mm
Stroke 39 mm
Conrod 85 mm
Piston pin 12 mm
Not approved for the road
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