Wasserpumpe inkl. Antrieb Stage6 R/T MK2 Piaggio LC

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Stage6 R / T MK2 Piaggio LC water pump from the German processing expert Stage6. The Stage6 R / T MK2 water pump is; most likely the most mechanical water pump kit; evolved, available for Piaggio 50 - 100cc engines.
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The Stage6 development department & nbsp; & egrave; returned to the drawing board and replaced the completely revised impeller; The impeller & egrave; has been significantly improved with a more water flow & ugrave; high, ensuring higher cooling performance than its predecessor.
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The gear pulley is; made of aluminum & nbsp; and CNC machined. The light weight of this water pump system will reduce & agrave; significantly the drag on your crankshaft. The gear & egrave; directly screwed onto the shaft (the screw is included), so you will not need to maintain the gear through your original oil pump
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pump, unlike the original, & egrave; made of stainless steel, which means that the poma does not suffer from corrosion problems and therefore early maintenance intervals.
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The kit also includes a high quality oil seal; Corteco and strictly SKF high quality bearings; and low friction.
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Contents of the water pump kit:
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Lightweight CNC aluminum gear , orange anodized (+ screws)
High efficiency CNC water pump impeller, black anodized
Stainless steel shaft
2x SKF bearings
Corteco HQ oil seal
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