Motorpack Zylinder + Kurbelwelle + Auspuff Stage6 Sport MK2 50cc Minarelli AM6

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The Stage6 engine pack 50cc mk2 alu Minarelli Am6 & egrave; a good opportunity for those looking for the perfect match between parts and maximum performance, without getting lost in unnecessary searches and endless fine-tuning.
Compatible with all motorcycles fitted with a Minarelli Am6 engine block
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The famous Stage6 engine manufacturer offers many spare parts, for different displacements and different types of use.
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Unlike other brands, Stage6 Streetrace components are developed on a dyno and tested in real road conditions before being marketed.
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The best way to get an efficient and balanced engine is ; use portions of the trademark that have been designed to work together.
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This is why we now offer this package Cylinders - Crankshaft - Stage6 Sport MK2 50cc Minarelli Am6 at a preferential rate.
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Contents package:
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Stage6 50cc Sport MK2 Minarelli AM6 cylinder piston head
Stage6 HPC crankshaft
Bearing and oil seal kit crankshaft
Stage6 Streetrace CNC black exhaust Derbi / Minarelli AM6
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To take full advantage of the performance of this Stage6 MKII Sport 50cc cylinder we recommend that you combine it to a 21mm (minimum) carburetor and to a Stage6 Streetrace muffler (or equivalent model from another brand). Attention, if your crankshaft has more; of 5000 kilometers, we recommend that you replace it with a new reinforced one.
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You will understand, this cylinder is; an infallible weapon for your urban travel but above all
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