Auspuffanlage Stage6 R/T FL 100cc Drag Race Orange

Produktecode: S6-9616621/OR
Hersteller: STAGE6-RD
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Stage6 R / T FL 100cc Drag Race Orange Exhaust, high-end exhaust from 2-stroke tuning expert Stage6 R / T, designed and built for FL cylinders.
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This is a classic racing exhaust made with thin sheet steel cones carefully welded by hand, made in Italy. How & egrave; normal for high-end systems, the exhaust has a so-called racing finish, which means that the body is not; painted and not & egrave; treaty. It is recommended to apply spray grease regularly to avoid premature rusting. The exhaust comes with a Stage6 R / T CNC silencer in orange.
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Shape and volume have been specially developed to optimally support the Stage6 R / T FL100 cylinder , the combined cylinder and exhaust will offer you maximum performance. The flange is not; included with the drain as it already does; part of the R / T FL100 thermal group. This Stage6 R / T exhaust & egrave; aimed at tuners and ambitious drivers who want to increase the pi & ugrave; possible the power of their scooter.
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Note: To use this Stage6 R / T FL100 exhaust with other FL cylinders, you will need to use a Stage6 R / T exhaust flange kit 100cc FL.
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& nbsp; adapted to the attack times of the cylinder S6 R / T FL100
& nbsp; flange not included
& nbsp; straight pipe (Drag Race version)
& nbsp; with orange CNC silencer: internal d. 23mm / outside d. 60 mm / length 229 mm
& nbsp; prepared for mounting on 2Fast / Polini / Malossi crankcase
& nbsp; racing exhaust: no homologation / not homologated
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