Auspuffanlage Stage6 Streetrace high mount CNC orange Beta RR 2012 / HM / Vent

Produktecode: S6-9118835/OR
Hersteller: STAGE6-RD
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Stage6 Streetrace Beta RR exhaust after 2012 / HM and Vent all models. The drain & egrave; was developed for cylinders with displacement from 50cc to 77cc.
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Stage6 has launched its versatile exhausts to accompany them. Now there is; a perfect match for all Streetrace series cylinders, with exceptional performance and fantastic output especially in the mid to high rev range. And by the way, they're also great for wheelies!
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The Stage6 Streetrace high mount exhaust & egrave; made with thin pieces of sheet steel and comes with a mounting kit for the Beta RR 2012 / HM / Vent models.
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The exhaust & egrave; equipped with a 50-80cc CNC aluminum Stage muffler. The silencer & egrave; made with high quality insulating wool, so it is you can ride your bike without making too much noise.
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- high mount, right side
- CNC silencer
- approved / CE
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