Motorpack Zylinder + Auspuff Stage6 50cc Streetrace Grauguss Minarelli AM6

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Hersteller: STAGE6-RD
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Tuning Kit cylinder + low passage exhaust Stage6 50cc Streetrace in cast iron Minarelli AM6, the perfect combination of power and reliability.
Compatible with all motorcycles that have a Minarelli Am6 engine block
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We have assembled these tuning packages for you to ensure maximum performance without you having to worry about the right combination of individual components and wasting time and money on frustrating but ultimately fine tuning attempts unsuccessful.
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The tuning specialist Stage6 has developed numerous parts for different displacements and different types of use. Unlike most other brands, Stage6 parts are developed on a test bench and further tested under real-world conditions before being placed on the market.
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To achieve a balanced and yet very powerful engine, we recommend the use of Stage6 components that integrate perfectly with each other and in combination guarantee optimal results.
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The kit includes:
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Stage6 cylinder 50cc Streetrace cast iron Minarelli AM6
Stage6 Streetrace CNC black exhaust Derbi / Minarelli AM6
Stage6 roller cage 12x15x15mm < / div>
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