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21mm Piaggio Motoforce Racing intake kit - complete tuning intake kit for Piaggio scooter.
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We have put together this package to save you time and headaches during the tuning your intake system. This package allows you to upgrade the intake system of your two-wheeler in one go and significantly improve its performance. The components fit together perfectly, so you don't have to worry about fitting, fitting and you're good to go.
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Installing a more carburetor large, here 21mm, & egrave; recommended for all kinds of tuning measures. Motoforce Racing carburetor improves engine response. Note: since & eacute; it is a product designed for motorsport, the carburetor has no n & eacute; the connection of the depressor n & eacute; oil.
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The Racing 360 & deg; & egrave; equipped with a 360 & deg; adjustable base plate, which will accommodate; your carburetor pi & ugrave; the air filter. The vulcanized rubber coating provides excellent sealing. Optimized flow and large cross section increase cylinder filling and improve performance. The reed valve pack & egrave; equipped with carbon petals.
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The Motoforce Sport air filter has excellent filtering performance with a very high airflow. Thanks to its compact design, it fits almost anywhere.
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The package contains:
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PWK racing carburetor 21mm
Intake system with intake manifold, reed valve, gaskets + 2 gaskets
Air filter D. 50mm, black
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